About the Author

About the Author

Hello, I am Michael Rush - the original author of Ezra's Eagle, which I included in my first book - A Remnant Shall Return. Since first publishing Ezra's Eagle in 2015, interest has turned global.  Most people now hear about Ezra's Eagle not from me or my books, but from many of the varied offshoots that my books have given life to.  There are now thousands of internet postings regarding this vision and my interpretation of it.  

I think that you will find the story of how Ezra's Eagle came to pass to be very interesting. I first read 2nd Esdras, the apocryphal book containing Ezra's vision of the eagle, when George Bush was President.  At that time the vision made a strong impression on me. I knew that it was important - the Bible dictionary said as much, but I could not decipher it at that time. It was not until I finished my first draft of A Remnant Shall Return, that I was in a position to comprehend its astounding meaning.

As with most things pertaining to the last days, context is the key to understanding.  People think about the last days in the context of wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places and blood moons.  These have been happening since man stepped foot upon the earth.  Without context there is confusion. Many Christians thought that World War II was the precursor to the Second Coming. They are not new, it is context that gives them meaning.  It is context that makes these things relevant, rather than the things themselves. The circumstances of how that came to pass are interesting. 

One  beautiful sunny morning in 2015 I awoke with the unmistakable prompting to revisit the vision I had read so many years before.  As such, I packed up my things and drove to the public library.  This time, my reading experience was altogether different!

As I read Ezra's 2,600 year old vision, the Lord caused his words to come to life within my mind. I could see their meaning in my mind’s eye as clearly as the mountains outside the library’s windows. I was unprepared for it. It shocked me to my core. I felt like Lehi must have felt when he was given the book to read regarding Jerusalem’s pending destruction.  

I began to tremble uncontrollably. I remember looking up from the pages to glance around the room somehow expecting to see everyone else feeling the same sense of alarm and surprise as I then felt. Nobody seemed to notice. They continued as they were, oblivious to the mind-altering event that had just transpired within me.  It was an overwhelming experience.

Not everyone has welcomed my writings.  The original website where I posted my book for free was maliciously hacked numerous times a day.  It got to the point that I was told that unless I upgraded my firewall and paid for constant scanning, my hosting service would no longer restore my site - not a good combination for a free website. Then there were the unexpected house calls from the FBI.

It has been an interesting journey.  However, I would not change it.   I have seen things that have altered my understanding to the degree that I am not the same man I was before. I have meet with people I never would have dreamed of meeting.  The subject of those encounters is of such an incredible nature that even if I were free to write about it, nobody would believe it any way.  I can hardly believe it myself.  All I can do is to plead with you to pay the price for your own spiritual education.  The Lord is willing to reveal to you the mysteries of the universe according to the heed and diligence you give unto Him.

David once scoffed at offering a sacrifice for which he had paid nothing. In a similar manner, there are certain things that can only be learned by those that are willing to pay the price for that understanding.  I do not speak of money, but spiritual effort.  I am desperate in my desire to convince you to pay the price necessary to understand the covenants and prophecies highlighted within this book for yourself. 

The vision of Ezra's Eagle is incredible. Nevertheless, as incredible as this vision is, it pales in comparison to the content of the rest of this book.  Please take the time to understand it for yourself.  Included on this website are links to Youtube videos designed to assist you in your quest for understanding. Please take advantage of them!