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Daniel 11 - Audio Book

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This is the AUDIO book of Daniel 11

Daniel 11 is a deep dive into the 11th chapter of Daniel.  Daniel was an amazing prophet who lived during the days of the Jew's captivity in Babylon. He received many miraculous visions, all of which pertained to the events of the latter days.  Daniel 11 is the culmination of all his visions and is the most comprehensive timeline ever revealed in scripture.  It is a sweeping chronology of world events from his day unto the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is a must-read for anyone wanting to prepare themselves for the events of the latter days. This revelation was given to Daniel as a gift to humanity. But what doth it profit a man if a gift is bestowed upon him and he receive not the gift? Designed to be played on the free "BookPlayer" app for both iphone and Android.