The Book of Enoch, Vol. 2, Son of Man - Audio & EBOOK Bundle ----- (This is NOT a paperback!)

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PLEASE read carefully! Due to the nature of digital products, there can be no refunds! **THIS IS NOT THE PAPERBACK** This is the audio/eBook bundle of The Book of Enoch Vol.2

The Audio download link will arrive immediately after purchase via email. 

The eBook will arrive at a later date via email link once the editing process of the written word is complete - anticipated to be by the end of the summer 2024. 

This bundle DOES NOT include a physical, paperback copy of Volume 2, which is not expected to be available until the Fall of 2024.

For those that would rather wait for the audio/paperback combo, one will be available in the Fall of 2024. Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of it's release.


Volume 2 - Son of Man is the continuation of the Book of Enoch series by Michael B. Rush. This audio book is read by the author and is approximately 22 hours long. It covers the portion of The Book of Enoch most commonly referred to as the Book of Parables.  It introduces the world to the incredible Son of Man, whom the Father has revealed to all those that have sought to be taught at His hand from the foundation of the world.  Jesus Christ referred to Himself as the Son of Man over eight dozen times - more so than any other title on record.  The fact that this title originates within The Book of Enoch is very meaningful and will not be lost upon the reader. 

Enoch stated that his writings were intended to bless and prepare the elect that would live in the days when wickedness would be purged from the Earth.  I consider Enoch's writings to be a sacred gift to all those seeking further light and knowledge. In D&C 107:57, the Lord stated that the truthfulness of the Book of Enoch would be testified of.  For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, that witness of truthfulness in Enoch's writings is all around us.